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Michael Gaskins


I am seeking a position in Marketing or in-house Advertising Department using the Macintosh platform. I seek the opportunity to use the 10+ years of experience in computer graphics, layout and design. My goal is to continue to grow, learn and advance while using the skills and creativity that I already possess.

Personal Information

Location: Kansas
Born: 9/5/57
Health: Excellent
Specific information available via E-mail

Recent History

Company: Newer Technology, Inc.
Address: 4848 W. Irving
Wichita, KS 67209
Field: Marketing /Graphic Design
Dates: 8/96 to Present

The first 17 months at Newer were spent serving as a Technical Support Specialist. I took this position based on my previous skills and knowledge of Macintosh hardware and software. When a position opened in the Marketing department I applied and was accepted. My duties involve but are not limited to all phases of producing end user documentation and packaging for the entire Newer Technology product line. This includes manuals, box art and design, labels, stickers and addendums. I also create banner ads for the world wide web, advertisements for magazines and periodicals, direct mail pieces and master CDs for marketing materials and installer software. I have been involved in the creation of themes for booths at National trade shows like Macworld and have been part of the presentation team at Macworld in San Francisco in January of1999.

I also have experience with working as the point of production contact with a vendor that localized our manuals and packaging for delivery in other countries. These countries included Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Since Newer Technology became a subsidiary of Tri-M Manufacturing in Singapore, I have been highly involved in developing systems to aid in the transition from local vendors, to the production of materials in Singapore.

Company: Sheplers, Inc.
Address: 6501 W. Kellogg Wichita, KS 67209
Field: Advertising Production and Network Coordinator
Dates: 9/10/90 to 5/17/96

For over five years I was involved in all phases of Sheplers advertising production on the Macintosh platform. These areas include the production of newspaper ads for 23 stores in 18 different markets. Four color newspaper ads as well as 4-color and B&W ads for magazines and programs including ads placed in programs for national rodeo events and the Miss USA Pageant held in Wichita. My duties included design, layout and final pre-press production of the company newsletter, campaigns in direct mail pieces, flyers, in-store signage and even outside projects like the Annual Report for the Quivira Council of the Boy Scouts of America, when the company President served on their Board of Directors.

When I started with Sheplers, their network consisted of 3 Macs on AppleTalk and a LaserWriter IINTX. My duties as network coordinator involved researching, recommending, purchasing and installing new equipment and technologies. There are now 24 Macs (from SE/30 to PPC8500/120 & PPC WGS9500) on 10/100base-T Ethernet, various low to high-end laser printers, servers, hubs, scanners, CD ROM drives, raid & recordable drives, Syquest and mag-op drives. I have two years experience with Apple Workgroup 95 A/UX servers. Other duties in this area included installing SIMMs, ROMs, hard drives, various cards, hubs, peripherals, 10/100baseT category 5 network wiring and connections for LAN/WAN configurations. I recently set up a Global Village Network Combo 28.8 Fax/Modem with ARA capabilities. Network administration included using FileWave to distribute software over the network to individual users, and Sontorini remote server software. I am familiar with the basics of DOS and Windows, in order to communicate cross platform.

My responsibilities included evaluating and testing hardware and software prior to its introduction into the general production architecture. I provided the in-house training of these products including written and verbal instruction.

The software used most frequently are:

Mac OS 9
Quark XPress 4.1.1
Adobe Illustrator 8.0
Photoshop 5
Adobe ImageReady
Microsoft Excel 5.0
Microsoft Word
Adobe PageMill
Go Live CyberStudio

I have experience with many virus protection, utilities and communications applications.

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